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We all know that there are tons of great GG icons so I decided to create an award community for Gilmore Girls icons. You can nominate here your favourite icons : your own and made by others. The community was inspired by alias_awards and hp_awards

Here are some rules:

Icons can be nominated in these categories:

Kiss and Tell - 'Ship/Couples icons
Say Goodnight, Gracie - Best Actor/Actress icons
A Family Matter - Best Family icons // no promo shots here cause actors are not one big family.
The Festival of Living Art - Animated icons
Swan Song - Textless icons/Bases
Haunted Leg - Funny icons
Sadie, Sadie - Lyrical icons // no tiny text, the words have to be legible
Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days - Best use of colour
Help Wanted - icons full of emotions
Lost and Found - Best Cropping
Application Anxiety - non 100x100 icons
The Fundamental Things Apply - non-animated icons
Like Mother, Like Daughter - icons featuring Rory or Lorelai
Nick&Nora / Sid&Nancy - Icons featuring everyone BUT Rory or Lorelai
The Big One - Special Category - This week's special category is Luke Icons: any icons featuring Luke.

1. There are 14 permanent categories and one Special Category which is changed every week.
2. You must nominate at least 3 different icon makers and can nominate up to 3 of your own icons.
3. All icons must be under 40kb and 100x100 or smaller (LJ requirements)
4. If you post more than 4 nominations, put them under the cut.
5. You can nom up to 20 icons per week.
6. You can't vote for your own icons.
7. You can, but don't have to, nominate your own icons - it's up to you.
8. Icons made from promo pictures and such can be nominated in Say Goodnight, Gracie.
9. Try not to nominate icons which won in the past.
10. If you plan to nominate an icon, I'd like you to comment in its maker's LJ and write that you want to nominate his/her icon here.
11.Please DO NOT hotlink icons that you plan to nominate. DO upload them to your own server. If you do not do this, then your icons will not be put up in the voting will be discarded in that particular round.

Nominations: Monday Morning - Friday Evening
Voting: Saturday - Sunday
Winners Announced: Sunday Evening/Monday Morning

Banners for winners:
Set 1 Set 2

Any questions/suggestions? Or maybe you want to become affiliates? E-mail us.

So...join and vote! :)

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